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Meet Me in St Louis


I did not include a history page this issue because I am “living 18th Infantry history” and this year marks a significant event in my life.  On 28 April 1965 I enlisted for European duty in the United States Army.  By doing so, I escaped the draft and the possibility of being sent the other direction for overseas duty.  On 28 April 1967, 2 years later, I reported to Oakland Army Base for transport to Vietnam as a rifle platoon leader (well, duh! - so much for my brilliant plan).   I arrived in Vietnam at the end of Operation Junction City and joined A-2-18 in the field at the site of their great arms cache discovery.  Was that 40 years ago!


For many of us, the reunion in St Louis will mark a significant event – the 40th Anniversary of our Tour of Duty in the Nam.  I invite you to join me there.  Let us celebrate together the fact that we are still here – there were a considerable number of VC and NVA who were trying desperately to make it otherwise.   Let us enjoy each other and that special bond of comradery which comes only from shared combat experiences.  Let us remember those of our number who cannot be here and honor our buddies who made the ultimate sacrifice and did not return, as we did, to the World. 


St Louis will be a celebration of life.  Bob Callahan runs a great CP (Hospitality Room for the non-military types).  Larry Van Kuran will have his tables spread with 18th Infantry memorabilia – unit crests, lapel pins, golf shirts and hats, and, new this year, coffee mugs – to name just some of it.  Larry Paul will have his display of historical uniforms and equipment.  There will be yearbooks, scrapbooks, and beau coup pictures.  I know Smitty and Roger are planning a big A-2-18 do-dah for lunch, and other companies have similar plans.  The Society even has tours for the ladies while the men drink beer and swap stories, some of which, according to Bill Chamberlain, might even be true.


You are living history.  This will be a special year.  Come be part of it.  Register on-line with the Society (see below).




 Kelly Hartman, Alpha Company FRG, wrote us a special “Thank you” note for our Holiday Soldier funds.  The funds were used by the FRGs to provide “stockings” for their soldiers, loaded with candy, phone cards, and other personal and special mementos.  Each soldier got one.  Please help us continue to these projects.  Checks for our soldier’s projects fund should be made out to: 18th Inf Regt Assn, with “Soldier Project” written on the Memo line.  Mail them to: Jim Stone, Treasurer, 259 Pells Rd, Rhinebeck, NY 12572.  Thank you for your generosity.  It is appreciated by our soldiers and their families.. 







The Annual Dinner of the Combat Officers of the First Division will be held on Saturday, 28 April 2007, at the Hilton Hotel Mark Center on Seminary Road in Alexandria, VA.  Call a foxhole buddy and remind him to meet you at the dinner.  It has been 40 years since many of us served in Vietnam.  Come meet us there, enjoy the special camaraderie, and welcome our new OIF combat officers!


For information please contact Andy Wilson, 11163 Rich Meadow Rd, Great Falls, VA  22066.  Phone: 703-450-5220. E-mail: alw740@


2007  BRO Reunion


The 2007 BRO Reunion is scheduled at St Louis for August 8 -12.  As usual, the 18th Infantry Annual Meeting will be held on Friday morning and the grand banquet on Saturday night..  Don’t miss it.  Let’s fill the CP and again have the most and the best there..


For information, please contact Jennifer Sanford, 1933 Morris Rd, Blue Bell, PA 19422.  Ph: 1-888-324-4733.

E-mail: soc1ID@aol.com or www.bigredone.org











It is amazing how quickly time passes.  I know for the soldiers in the battalion that it does not pass quickly enough. We’ve all been there, “wishing our lives away” as one of my old airborne sergeants put it. As you can see from Vanguard 6's comments elsewhere in this letter, the 18th Infantry continues its great, if sometimes burdensome tradition, of always being in the thick of things. That we are infinitely proud of George Glaze and his soldiers goes without question as they uphold the honors and traditions of this great Regiment. The battalion is tentatively scheduled to return to Germany in September. The exact date will depend I’m sure on many factors, not the least of which will be the availability of replacement units and the progress of the war in general.


Sadly the battalion will come home to Germany and re-flag to become another unit. At the same time, another battalion at Fort Riley will re-flag and become the 1st Battalion 18th Infantry. Some nug sitting in Washington thinks this is a good idea and has no concept of how important regimental pride is to soldiers even in this modern era we find ourselves in. Our Association is a case in point. We join to be with our brothers from our Regiment; those we served proudly with in both peace and war. We do not join to be with just anybody from just any unit. Our challenge in September will be to be cognizant of the fact that our “new” 1st Battalion will have been as proud of their old regimental designation as we are of ours as members of the 18th Infantry Regiment. I know that George Glaze and his soldiers do not welcome the change either, but such are the times.


We will have the opportunity to meet and get to know the new battalion commander from Fort Riley at the reunion in August. Major General Carter Ham, the Division Commander (and my old S-3 from 1-18, so he’s one of us!) has told me that he will bring the battalion commander to the reunion for that purpose. It would be a good thing for us to show that new commander that he is joining one hell of a good regiment by having the largest attendance and best Regimental Room again! That’s my challenge to all of you. Bring a friend this year and let’s enjoy each other. We’ll do the Regimental Roll Call like we started last year when we have out meeting. We’re also looking to have a barbeque and be generally disgusting and tell each other outrageous stories of our younger days. Some of them might even be true. See you there.


Bill Chamberlain,  Striker 6,  HCOR,  18th US Infantry Regiment




Operation Desert Vengeance – A novel written by Edwin W. Chamberlain III


This is a novel about American soldiers in combat. It is also a story about power, corruption, greed, honor and love. When Army Colonel Sam Sampson is recalled back from retirement to execute one last mission for his country, he doesn’t know he will have to fight enemies inside the halls of power in Washington, enemies within himself, and finally with the enemies of his country.


A fast paced novel, the realism of the combat sequences in the story are gripping, and written as only a combat veteran could write them. The equipment and weapons in the story were state of the art at the time this novel was written in 1999. Some of them have subsequently come to pass and are in use in the Army today. Others, sadly, have been scrapped.. This is a book about war as it really is. There is no "shock and awe." There is only hard tank and infantry fighting done by memorable characters. Visit the following web page to purchase: "http://www.iuniverse.com/bookstore/book_detail.asp?”

isbn =0-595-41246-7


A portion of book sale profits go to the 18th Infantry Regiment Association




American Iliad – The 18th Infantry Regiment  in World War II


American Iliad – Written by Robert W. Baumer, with Mark J. Reardon.  This is an outstanding book about the exploits and achievements of the 18th Infantry Regiment during WWII. Orders may be placed directly with the publisher by telephone at 866-265-9063.  A portion of the proceeds go to the 18th Infantry Regiment Association.  If you don’t have it, get it .  If you have it, buy a copy for your local public or high school library.  This story should be read by every American.








18th Infantry News from Iraq


[Editor’s note: The 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry deployed to OIF 4 in August 2006, arriving in sector in Baghdad in September.  In October, ceremonies were held awarding the Big Red One combat patch and the coveted Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB) to soldiers of the Battalion.  TF 1 - 18 IN  is approaching the halfway point of their tour of duty.  We have sustained 3 KIA losses and a number of wounded, many of whom recover and return to duty.  As you read LTC Glaze’s report, you will note that the soldiers of the 18th Infantry believe in what they are doing and they are doing it well – contrary to what many .politicians and journalists would have you believe.  Anyone desiring to support our soldiers through donations of $20 PX Gift Certificates, please mail your donation check, made out to 18th Inf Regt Assn, to: Jim Stone, Treasurer, 259 Pells Rd, Rhinebeck, NY 12572.  Note on the memo line: PX.  We will order the PX Gifts Certificates in batches and send them to the Chaplain for distribution.  Also write and send letters of support to the Chaplain for distribution to the troops.  The address in Iraq is: CH Seth George, TF 1-18 IN, FOB Falcon, APO, AE 09361   Thank you for your generosity!]




To the Regiment:  your Vanguards continue to conduct intelligence-driven, offensive operations against those that would rob the Iraqi people of their chance for a new beginning.  Our Bravo Company is doing extremely well out in Ramadi, attached to the Steel Tigers of 1-77AR.  As the Tiger Main Effort, the Predators of B Company are hunting down those that would do harm and allowing the economy a chance to begin again.  Working jointly with the Local Police and the Iraqi Army, CPT Rudy and 1SG Almario are subduing the toughest sector in Ramadi and representing the Regiment very well.  In Baghdad, the rest of the Vanguards are also working with the Iraqi Security Forces to provide the Rule of Law in the West Rasheed District.  The credibility of the American Soldier and specifically the Vanguards is what is needed to get the Iraqi people to trust their Iraqi Security Forces.  And your Vanguards are doing that each and every day.


And back in Schweinfurt, CPT Ricky Torres and 1SG Hopson are maintaining the homefront, keeping the ladies informed, and solving daily challenges that free those forward deployed up to continue pressing the fight to the enemy.


Together, the Vanguards know No Sacrifice Too Great.   





To the Regiment: Continuing Mission!  The Vanguards are getting another higher headquarters -- the fourth in as many months.  The 4th Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division out of Fort Riley is moving into our area and will be our higher headquarters very soon.  COL Ricky Gibbs is bringing with him the 1st Battalion of the 28th Infantry to work along side the Vanguards.  As you know, the Black Lions have a rich history with the Big Red One and their Unit Symbol, along with the 26th Infantry Blue Spaders, make up our Dagger Brigade Crest.  Enough history for now. Just know this -- your Vanguards are continuing to set the standard in all they do -- Knowing No Mission Too Difficult.





To the Regiment: The Operation Baghdad Security Plan is in full swing with your Vanguards out in sector, forward deployed, making a significant impact in establishing the Rule of Law.  Out on Combat Out Posts or COPs, the Vanguards are living with the Iraqi Security Forces and conducting Joint Security Patrols and training alongside the National and Local Police.  Leaving behind the Forward Operating Bases with Baskin and Robbins Ice Cream and Internet, your Soldiers are pulling out their TA1 Radio Telephones and using vintage M14s to secure themselves with the focus and discipline expected of Vanguards.  Couple those tried and true systems with a few night cameras, computers and Bradleys and you can see that today's Vanguard  is using all the tools.  Just knowing that all the Vanguards here in Baghdad and Schweinfurt have either enlisted or re-enlisted while this country has been at war is absolutely humbling.  Just know this - Your Vanguards are continuing to put their Duty First!


LTC George A. Glaze, Vanguard 6, commanding 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry (TF 1-18IN, Baghdad)







18th Infantry News from Germany


The Vanguard family had a great holiday season, whether it was enjoyed here in Germany or with family from home. Although they were not able to be with their fathers and husbands for the holiday season, their soldiers shared the holiday spirit with a DVD containing videos of loved ones that missed them here in Schweinfurt.  The Vanguard FRG had a great turn-out for their AFN spot  to cheer on their loved ones in Iraq on February 4th. The clip will be used as part of a TV spot that will be aired on AFN, affording the Vanguard Family the opportunity to send a message to their deployed husbands and fathers.


Kelly Hartman and Alpha Company are preparing a “Halfway Hooah” Party at the Bowling Alley in March for all of the families in the Battalion to celebrate making it half way through the deployment.  Alpha Company also has several fundraisers planned including T-shirts and a build-a-stuffed animal theme


Carol Gowin, Bravo Company’s FRG Leader, has planned a seminar during their February meeting to focus on health, wellness, and relaxation to help families deal with the many stresses of the deployment. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Bravo Company wanted to send their “Hearts & Kisses” to the Bravo Predators in Iraq, and they did just that. The only difficulty they encountered with making this one-of-a-kind valentine was deciding on which size envelope to mail it in. They decided to go with the big one.


Sarah Johnson organizes a dinner out each month for the spouses of Charlie Company, in addition to their monthly meetings.


Nancy Gaskins and the families of HHC are keeping busy. Each month they have several social events to include a coffee social, a wine and cheese tasting social, recipe dish social, girls’ night out, and family night out events. HHC also has several helpful sessions each month. “Show Me the Money” is an opportunity for Highlander families to bring their financial questions and topics, offering helpful tips and counseling to each other.  “Family Matters” incorporates the Chaplains office for workshops, books, and materials. If the families of Highlander FRG still have enough energy after all of the fun and helpful events they are encouraged to come out every Monday to the Finney Gym for a motivational fitness session called “Fit & Fabulous.”


The “TF 1-18 IN Cookbook” is well underway. It will contain tasty recipes from the wives, Soldiers, and their families. The cookbook will contain several categories to include; appetizers/drinks, soup/salad, main dishes, side dishes/vegetables, breads, German specialties, and Desserts. There will even be a special section for “Soldiers’ specials” that will feature barracks room dinners, MRE upgrades, and downrange delights. Valarie Glaze, Tanja Almario, Charlene Ennis, and Mandy Mitchell are hard at work on this unique cookbook. Look for it this June. [editor’s note: Mrs Glaze has invited the 18th Infantry Regiment Association to submit recipes for the cookbook – send them to: Mrs. Valerie Glaze, 1-18 IN CMR 464, APO AE 09226.]


18th Infantry Print by Jim Dietz


1st Battalion,18th Infantry has commissioning a print by the famous artist Jim Dietz to honor the valor of 18th Infantry soldiers.  The original will hang at the Cantigny 1st Division Museum in Wheaton, IL.  A  print will cost $75.00 each.  A limited number are being reserved for purchase by members of the 18th Infantry Regiment Association.. If you are interested in purchasing one of these fine works of art, contact CPT Rickey J. Torres or SFC Kurt D. Hopson at DSN: 09721-96-8364, or 011-49-9721-96-8364 if you are calling from the U.S. You can make an immediate purchase by sending a check to CPT Torres payable to the “1-18 IN Officer's Fund” with the following address: CMR 464 BOX 1299 APO AE 09226.  The prints will be individually numbered and available upon the return of the Battalion from its deployment to Iraq. The print will portray the heroic actions of Medal of Honor recipient Walter Ehlers, 18th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division, WWII. Walter Ehlers, along with other members of the 18th Infantry Regiment, have agreed to participate in the presentation of the prints.  Walt will personally autograph your print at this ceremony. [Editor’s note: Information on “Vanguard Week” in Germany will be furnished in the next addition of the Association Newsletter.  Best guess is some time around the last week in September or the 1st week of October.  Begin planning now.  If you are interested in seeing a sketch of the forthcoming print, please email HQ18INF@aol.com]


The Rear Detachment, led by CPT Rickey Torres and 1SG Kurt Hopson, and the FRG, led by Mrs. Valerie Glaze, are doing a tremendous job in looking out for the families, following and caring for the wounded who are sent to Landstuhl, and supporting the forward deployed soldiers.  Expression of thanks and support many be mailed to: CPT Rickey Torres, CMR 464 Box 1299, APO AE 09226.  For those of you who do not know, CPT Torres was a Platoon Leader in C-1-18 during OIF 2.  He was severely wounded, recovered and returned to duty. !SG Hopson is also a 1-18 combat vet from OIF 2.











Membership renewal   Please review the mailing label on your newsletter.  The date after your name is the year in which your membership expires.  If the year after your name is 2006 (or before), then your dues are due.  If you believe that the date is not correct, please notify Larry Van Kuran, 6378 Jamieson Ave, Encino, CA 91316.  Phone: 818-427-1577.  Email:  vankuran@ix.netcom.com  Association membership is based on a calendar year, and is paid every two years.  Larry just mailed 163 notices last week.  We need more members to remain financially viable.  We have a list of over 700 contacts, but less than 300 paid members.  Encourage your buddies to join, if they haven’t already, and find more names to add to our list and become new members.




Dues increase notice  Effective January 2007, dues are now $30 for two-years.  This is the first increase in 15 years.  18th Infantry Regiment Association dues are still lower than most other similar organizations.  However, the cost of business, especially printing and mailing rates, has risen significantly in 15 years and our Treasury has reached an all time low. . 




Volunteers needed: This year we will investigate incorporation, IRS non-profit status, and  Life memberships.  If you have any experience or expertise that could help accomplish these goals, please contact the President, the Honorary Colonel, or any Association officer (see web page for address, phone, and email contact info).  We are looking for a volunteer to manage our memorabilia sales – i.e., supply sarg or S-4-- could you do the job?.  Also, our Membership Secretary can always use volunteers to help locate and contact old warriors who served in the 18th Infantry.  There is plenty to do as we adapt to the changing situation of our active duty unit returning to Ft Riley.– make yourself known – help us out.




18th Infantry Memorabilia  is available.  18th Infantry ball-caps, Golf Shirts, unit crests, lapel pins, belt buckles, and more!  Profit from the sale of these items provide a substantial addition to our treasury.  These items are usually for sale at our reunion CP, but they can be ordered by phone, mail, or email. Contact Larry Van Kuran, 6378 Jamieson Ave, Encino, CA 91316.  Email: vankuran@ix.netcom.com




Battalion Web Page  http://www.1-18in.2bct.1id.army.mil/.  – for recent pictures and commander’s messages. Also the 2nd Brigade web page has lots of good information: It is -- http://www.2bct.1id.army.mil/  – which publishes monthly “The Dagger’s Edge” with information about each of the units in the Brigade, including 1-18 IN..




 Larry Paul’s Photo Album Lost!   Did someone inadvertently pick up Larry’s photo album from Vietnam at the 2005 BRO Reunion in Washington DC (Crystal City Marriott Hotel). It has gone missing.  He no longer has the negatives and it contains irreplaceable memories. Please look for it. Reward for its return. Larry Paul, 419-332-5782, email: LFP18inf@aol.com




Infantry Order of St Maurice


The Infantry Order of St Maurice was bestowed upon Michelle Senatore by the 1st Battalion. Michelle led the effort to raise funds to build Sergeant Gomez’s wheelchair accessible house and to have our battalion adopted by Wheaton.  Her energy and enthusiasm raised the awareness of her fellow Americans to the service and sacrifice  given by soldiers of the 18th Infantry and the 1st Infantry Division.  Because of their outstanding contributions to benefit our infantry soldiers, LTC Glaze nominated Michelle Senatore & Mike Binkley for the Order of St Maurice, an award of the National Infantry Association (NIA).  These awards were granted.  Honorary Sergeant Major Binkley received his award in Germany directly from our active duty soldiers.  Michelle Senatore will be invested at our reunion in St Louis.  For information on the NIA and the Order of St Maurice, please visit the web site: http://www.infantryassn.com/awards.html















	George Gentry, President
	1331 Hackett Ave
	Long Beach, CA  90815











               In Memoriam

“To Our Fallen Brothers in Iraq”


SPC Eric G. Palacios-Rivera


B - 1 - 18,  14 November 2006  (Age 21 from Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Killed when his unit came in contact with enemy forces using small-arms fire during combat operations in Ramadi.


SGT Lawrence J. Carter


HHC - 1 - 18 (S-3 Section),  29 December 2006  (Age 25 from Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Killed when a roadside bomb detonated near his vehicle during combat operations in Baghdad.


SSG Karl O. Soto-Pinedo


A - 1 - 18,  28 February 2007  (Age 22 from Panama and San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Died of wounds sustained from enemy small-arms fire during combat operations in Baghdad.


Take a moment of silent reflection and prayer in tribute to these brave and courageous soldiers who have fallen in battle.

Please remember as well those who have been injured and wounded and their families.

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